Every year, more and more companies join the world of Motorsports Marketing because they see the success other companies are experiencing. Marketing products and services through auto racing can be a very rewarding endeavor. But often new companies make the mistake of choosing a team with which to be associated with little or no knowledge of how to fully support a successful marketing campaign. Most teams know how to race successfully, but very little know how to fully activate a totally integrated marketing campaign and this often leads to failure of the optimum outcome.

This is where American Spirit Racing comes in. American Spirit Racing has just celebrated its 30th Anniversary in auto racing. Throughout the years, our team has remained a sponsor driven race team. Most of our sponsoring partners have remained with us for years because we continue to find new ways to reach new consumers and create lasting relationships with existing ones.

Sure, a eye catching visual graphic depicting your brand on a race car can create brand awareness to an extent, but a fully integrated motorsport marketing campaign is much more than that. In fact that's only a small fraction of it.

The rule of thumb has always been, for every dollar you spend on sponsorship, you need to spend another dollar on activation. What American Spirit Racing offers is its vast experience in activation through motorsport. As I mentioned earlier, we've been at the sport for 30 years and we know the most effective ways to activate and the pitfalls to stay away from.

American Spirit Racing is offering a powerful national marketing program in North America's premier sprint sports car racing Series, the Pirelli World Challenge in its GTS class. In addition, we offer a strong program targeting the South Florida market in the FARA Florida Road Racing Championship.

Our current driver line up provides extensive promotional exposure in a wide array of areas, including; both male and female audience, fan following from North America, Latin America and Europe, extensive social media following and more. If you'd like to know more about the drivers we have available, we will be happy to share them with you privately.

There are many levels of involvement available and there's one to fit your goals and marketing budget perfectly. From Brand Awareness to Corporate Entertainment to build B2B relationships, contests and giveaways to increase B2C relationships or a corporate day at the track for employees where everyone gets to drive a real race car while being instructed by our pro drivers can be a great moral booster and team building exercise or as a sales incentive tool and so much more. We can develop a program to meet or exceed your goals for just about every price point.

Please download and examine our national marketing presentation by clicking on the file name below and we would like to begin a conversation on exactly how we can tailor a program to meet your objectives and be a valuable asset to the success of your company. Thank you.

Marketing with American Spirit Racing

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